📸 by Erik Motta

Hey there!

I am Kendrek, a seasoned Multidisciplinary Art Director driven by a singular mission: to craft intelligent, bold, and aesthetically exquisite creations alongside brands and collaborators I deeply respect and believe in.

With vast expertise in design and art direction, I offer more than just technical skills; I bring a trusted voice to critical projects involving top-tier stakeholders. My reputation for exceeding expectations is not merely about delivering superior creative work—it’s about consistently outperforming in high-stakes environments. My approach is thoughtful and considerate, fostering trust and earning respect that spans the length of my career. This has made me a favored partner among executives and peers alike.

Over the past six years, I have honed my skills at Twitter Next, where as a Senior Creative Specialist/Designer on the Lab team, I’ve collaborated with a dynamic group of strategists, creatives, data scientists, and producers. Together, we breathe life into groundbreaking ideas, partnering with some of Twitter’s most notable brands. Our goal? To catapult our partners to success by the close of their campaigns and beyond, leveraging the transformative power of Twitter.

From my educational journey at the School of Visual Arts to my pivotal role at Twitter, I have ceaselessly sharpened my skills in visual storytelling. Whether leading design and art direction for eminent names in luxury fashion, entertainment, or lifestyle sectors across digital and print mediums, I excel in orchestrating visual content from inception to fruition. Each campaign is a confluence of persuasive messaging and strategic objectives, ensuring not just creative triumph, but tangible business results.